SPIAZZI - Meccanica di Precisione Verona

Spiazzi precision CNC machines and manufacturing

01Since 1979 Spiazzi srl has been carrying out precision mechanical manufacturing making use of the best technologies on the market and awarding every detail of the productive cycle particular attention.

The quality of our precision mechanical manufacturing, of logistics and of our productive capacity are all guaranteed, not just by a suitable structure but also, and above all, by a group of motivated and specialised persons working well together.

Our flexible, organized structure and our modern and sophisticated technological equipment allow us to work all materials, from plastics to stainless materials, from medium-small lots of 20/30 pieces, up to 20,000 pieces.

Our devoted local clientele and our hard core is centred around the production of components for heating systems, but often, and with great pleasure, we produce precision mechanical components also for other sectors.

One of our strong points is the possibility we have to produce in cycles without the need for physical supervision thanks to FMS technologies; the integration of these systems in our firm has allowed us to further rationalize productive cycles bestowing considerable economic, product quality and logistical advantages.